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Wear Purple in April for World Parkinson’s Day

April 11th is World Parkinson’s Day  and World PD Day and the month of April are a great time to encourage advocacy and awareness. Many people don’t understand the seriousness of Parkinson’s Disease and how it impacts families and communities. It is an important time to advocate for research and action. It is also an opportunity to highlight all of the ways in which people living with Parkinson’s are engaging in positive quality of life activities such as dance, music, and painting and how in our artistic approach we are finding different ways of engaging in new possibilities.

In honour of Parkinson’s awareness, we invite you to wear purple in your dance classes during the month of April. If you would like to take a photo of yourself or your group would like to contribute a photo, please send them to us. We will be gathering all purple dancing photos together to create and share as a digital mural.

Please send photos to: