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Teaching Artist Perspectives on Dance for Parkinson’s

By September 4, 2022No Comments

Are you interested in learning more about Dance for Parkinson’s? Here are some thoughts from two of our fantastic teaching artists Jolie and Kirsty.

If you’d like to get involved, find out more about our next Dance for PD Teacher Training Workshop September 15-18, 2022.

Jolie Brook

Completing the teacher training for Dance for Parkinson’s with Erica Rose Jeffrey was easily a few days well spent.  Though it’s the putting it into practice where the magic really unfolds.  I highly recommend anyone considering the training to dive in. If one of the measures of a life well lived is being of service to others then this surely is a way of delivering dance to enable people to transcend the limitations of a body that may, at times, be beyond their control. 

Dance enables participants to connect to their essence, a place unchanged by their diagnosis and once engaged – by music, movement, imagery, inspiring teachers, smiling encouraging community can free the participants for an hour.  I love the program! I love the opportunity it affords teachers in being creative and connecting with others.  The meeting of a wide and wildly broad spectrum of society in both participants and professionals. Put your performance hat back on and make a difference through dance!

Kirsty Arnold 

Being part of the Dance for Parkinson’s Australia program is a way to use your skills and experience to give back to the community while benefiting from the richness of the relationships you will form by dancing with our participants each week. You can use your creativity to bring an hour of dancing joy to people who are really glad to be with you and appreciate everything that you do. The program offers support and flexibility so that you can fit it into your schedule and is a wonderful way to continue your professional development in a warm and caring environment.