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These exercises are taken from the Dance for Parkinson’s classes in New South Wales devised and delivered by Teaching Artists in Australia. They were filmed in December 2019 at the Hannaford Centre in Sydney and were inspired in part by ideas of summer and Australian themes.

Safety First

Before you start dancing, please note.


Ask your Doctor

Ideally check with your doctor first for a thumbs up.

Create a space

Check you have a clear space at home where you can practice these dances with no obstructions; a solid chair – preferably without arm-rests; and a non-slip floor. Check that you have enough room to move your arms. Prepare a water bottle nearby.

Modify or simplify

If anything causes pain or discomfort, discontinue or modify/simplify the sequence to suit you. Modifying can include doing the exercise half time, or doing either the arms or legs separately, until you feel ready for the full sequence.

Take a break

If you feel tired, press pause, rest, have a sip of water, and start again when you feel ready.

At your own pace

Take things at your own pace. You might do a little every day, or once a week; you choose.

Class structure

We recommend you follow the order suggested below. Starting with a warm up, moving to the more dynamic exercises and finishing with a cool down and some relaxed breathing.

Guided intro

Each exercise is introduced, guiding you through the movements, and then it is danced with music.

Have Fun!

Introduction: Dance for Parkinson’s Australia 00:59

Session 1: Seated Reach Grab In 04:50

Session 2: Seated Hand and Finger Articulation 04:56

Session 3: Seated Feet and Lower Legs Warm up 04:47

Session 4: Seated Slow Folk Dance 04:56

Session 5: Seated Australian Landmark Improvisation 04:47

Session 6: Seated Australian Lifesaver dance 04:56

Session 7: Standing and Seated –Plié and Weight Shift 04:47

Session 8: Standing and Seated Heel Toe Polka 04:56

Session 1B: Curve Reach Spirals and Torso Warm-up 04:56

Session 2B: Seated Movie Star Swimming Dance 04:56

Session 3B: Getting Dressed Up 04:56

Session 4B: Seated Cowgirl/boy Boots Dance 04:56

Session 5B: Seated “My Country Sequence”

Session 6B: Seated “My Country Sequence” Close up

More videos coming soon…

You assume all risks of injury as a result of engaging in any dance activity. Dance for Parkinson’s Australia is not responsible for any injury sustained by you during the course of any dance activity.

Exercises devised and demonstrated by: Catherine Goss, Jessica Conneely and Erica Rose Jeffrey
Dancers and volunteers: Kerry, Kay, Paul, Judy, Fran, Susan, Christine, John, Paul, Arthur, Sue, Tricia, Gordon

A big thank you to Sunsuper-Dreams for a Better World and the Mazda Foundation for your support of our programs and development of online resources.