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Dance for PD Introductory Training September 29-30th, 2016

Dance for PD Introductory Training-Canberra

September 29-30, 2016

Schedule: Thursday 29 September and Friday 30 September, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Location: Canberra Dance Theatre, corner of Kingsley Street & Barry Drive, Canberra ACT 2601

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Photo: Emma Fishwick for Dance for Parkinson’s Australia

Workshop details

Schedule: Thursday 29 September and Friday 30 September, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Location: Canberra Dance Theatre, corner of Kingsley Street & Barry Drive, Canberra ACT 2601

Highlights: Comprehensive training modules, interactive teaching practicum, demo class, safety best practices, networking.

Credits: Earn up to 30 training credits toward the 50 credits required to be eligible for Dance for PD certification. Attend the Advanced Training workshop 1-2 October for additional training and credits.

Erica Rose Jeffrey, Dance for Parkinson’s Australia Program Coordinator. Click here to learn more about Erica Rose.

See this link for more information and to apply

Workshop highlights

► Learn best practices and methods from experienced teachers.
► Hone your teaching skills.
► Deepen your knowledge with our specially-created modules and acclaimed interactive sessions.
► Become part of a global network of passionate instructors in 16 countries.
► Participate in an actual Dance for Parkinson’s class with members of the ACT Parkinson’s community.

“A dynamic workshop and a fabulous life experience. I could not have been more pleased with time well spent.”—Dance for PD workshop trainee

“Dance for PD® is a hands-down success. It’s one of the most important programs for Parkinson’s disease in the country.”—Mary Ellen Thibodeau, RN
RI Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association

Co-presented by:

Belconnen Arts Centre
Canberra Dance Theatre
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About Dance for PD® workshops

PD 1111

About Dance for PD®workshops and seminars

Since 2007, more than 1200 people from 30 countries have participated in Dance for PD® (Parkinson’s Disease) workshops and seminars, designed and produced by the Mark Morris Dance Group.

Our educational programs are designed to enrich, inform and inspire a diverse group of individuals who want to learn about the unique approach of this internationally acclaimed community arts & health program from its original creators. To learn more about our complete four-step training program, including the brand new pre-requisite online course, please click here.

This workshop

Our Canberra workshop, building on successful trainings in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, is designed primarily to help dance teachers adapt your expertise to work effectively and comfortably with the Parkinson’s population under the guidelines and methodology of the Dance for PD® program. You’ll cover special modules that focus on class structure, pedagogy and exercise design, and participate in a practicum class to develop class content and teaching techniques with founding teachers and other trainees, in addition to covering general modules about safety and working with Parkinson’s participants.

Although this workshop is specifically geared toward dance teachers, we welcome a diverse group of individuals who may be interested in the workshop for Educational & Professional Enrichment (EPE). In this workshop, you will attend as Active Auditors, participating in all group discussions and modules, while observing the teaching practicum on Day 2. The EPE program is designed to provide a comprehensive and intimate look at core components of the Dance for PD® program so that a wide variety of individuals without dance training or dance teaching experience can learn about our methods and benefit from our resources.

Our introductory workshops are non-certifying. Attendance at one of our introductory workshops is a prerequisite to qualify for our Dance Teacher certification program or Registered Teaching Assistant program. You will be required to complete an introductory online course in order to attend this in-person workshop.